Lady Diana...
  • Name: Diana Frances
  • Nationality: English
  • Work: She was a princess
  • Dates: 1961-1997
  • Achievements: She works for the poor
  • Key events:

  1. 1961: Born in a family of small British nobility.
  2. 1968: Divorce of their parents. Diana was under the tutelage of her father, Earl of Althorp.
  3. 1977: she was in London. In the course of a game in Althorp, he met the Prince Charles of England.
  4. 1979 After a stay in the summer residence of the royal family at Balmoral (Scotland), Diana and Charles start a romantic relationship.
  5. 1981 was celebrated the marriage between Diana and Prince Charles.
  6. 1982 Birth of his son William.
  7. 1984 Henry was born, her second son.
  8. 1986 First news on the British tabloid press about the disagreements of the royal couple.
  9. 1992 Carlos uncovers the relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, while Diana joins sentimentally James Gilbey.
  10. 1994 Rupture of the final pair.
  11. 1996 Diana accepts the proposal of divorce. Rose gives the press a variety of relationships, often without foundation.

She died in 1997 in a Paris car crash near the Egyptian millionaire Dodi Al Fayed. The driver was trying to mislead the paparazzi who followed the vehicle.
Diana Frances, well known as Lady Di the princess of Wales, was born in Park House, England, on 1 July 1961
On 29 July 1981 she married to Cahrles, the prince of Wales in St Paul´s Cathedral.
She had his first baby on 21 June 1982 and she named him William.
Later, on September 1984, she had another baby called Henry.
But, as a result of several problems with Charles, they decided to sign the divorce on 28 August 1996.
On 31 August 1997, she died in a car accident with his boyfriend Dodi al-fayed in The Alma Bridge´s road tunnel in Paris.


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